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19 - 21 February 2019

LIVING [MT2] - The surroundings of Metro Torino line 2 as Vibrant Urban Places

In the next years Metro Torino new line 2 project could be an important stress-test for debate on contemporary turinese urban design approaches.

MT2 project runs in a time in which che city of Turin is setting up its self-actualizing, since the paradigm of post-fordist turistic “urban monumental resort” does not seem the only track-race for future.
Furthermore, Turin is running towards an always more consolidated ecosystem of innovation hub, with two important Universities poles acting on urban regeneration processes.

“Living MT2” is a visionary exploration on adaptive Built Environment as lens for multiscalar approaches on MT2 stations surroundings, intended not only as “escalators centered” squares or streets, but as strategic nodes linked to their territorial sub-system.