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17 January 2018 at 1 pm

Sailing the Southern Ocean:The Antarctic Circumnavigation Expedition

DIATI Meeting Room - Door 3, 1° piano

With Alessandro Toffoli, Associate Professor in Ocean Engineering University of Melbourne. Prof. Maurizio Rosso moderates the discussion.


The Antarctic circumnavigation expedition (ACE) was an unprecedented 3-month scientific voyage in 2016–2017, involving 22 projects that covered biological, climatological and oceanographic aspects of the Southern Ocean environment.

During ACE, waves and current were measured continuously using a marine radar device (WAMOS). In addition, wind speed was monitored by the meteorological station on board of the vessel and subsurface current was measured with an ADCP installed 9m below the keel.

Data is backed up by satellite data from the TerraSarX satellite system. In this talk, we will report the incredible ACE journey through the Southern Ocean and the Antarctic marginal ice zone, sister voyages complementing initial observations and outline plans to use this unique dataset to derive new understanding of Southern Ocean processes, and advance the WaveWatch3 wave model and CICE sea ice model.

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