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15 January 2018 at 5.30 pm

High-resolution social networks

Maxwell meeting room- 5th floor of the Electronic Department

Ciro Cattuto, ISI Foundation - will discuss how personal electronic devices and wearable sensors digital technologies provide the opportunity to quantify specific human behaviors.

Abstract: Digital technologies provide the opportunity to quantify specific human behaviors with unprecedented levels of detail and scale.

Personal electronic devices and wearable sensors, in particular, can be used to map the network structure of human close-range interactions in a variety of settings relevant for research in computational social science, epidemiology and public health.

This talk will review the experience of the SocioPatterns collaboration, an ongoing international effort aimed at measuring and studying high-resolution human social networks using wearable proximity sensors. We will discuss technology requirements and measurement experiences in diverse environments such as schools and hospitals, including recent work in low-resource rural settings in Africa. We will illustrate the network structures observed in empirical data, reflect on challenges such as generalization and data incompleteness, and review modeling approaches based on ideas from network science, epidemiology and computer science.

At the and an overview of future research directions and applications.