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21 June 2018 at 12.00 am

Sustainable business models design for product-service system considering a collaborative pull - innovation approach



Industry is facing a deep transformation of the modes of production and consumption, resulting in a shift from product-centric practices towards sustainable and customer-oriented ones. In this context, Product-Service Systems (PSS) exhibit the potential for innovative and customer oriented value propositions.

To take full advantage of PSS, it is essential to design suitable business models enabling an alignment of the processes, products and services to customer needs.

Currently, it does not exist in the literature a proper business model framework for the implementation and evaluation of PSS in the industry when the customer is at the origin of the innovation.

This research seminar aims at presenting the different elements implied to develop PSS offerings and the relationships with the elements of the business model (value proposition, value structure and value creation). This research is based on the scenario in which the customer proposes the innovation, known as the demand-pull approach to innovation.

Some of the questions this research aims at answering are:
• What are the barriers and drivers for developing PSS value propositions?
• What are the transformations in the role and competences of the different actors involved when adopting PSS offers?
• What kind of value is created in a PSS-based business model?
• How a demand-pull approach of innovation in PSS (triggered by the customer) affects the business model of a given company?

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