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January 28th, 2020 - From 10am to 12.30pm

Urban Land Institute Italy: Industrial Remix Workshop

Risanamento S.p.a. - Via Bonfadini, 148, Milano

For a good share of the 20th century, manufacturing was expelled from the city. The 21st century, however, might see its comeback as a lively ingredient of city-making.

On one side, manufacturing has changed in scale, technologies and its external impacts. On the other, cities increasingly understand the crucial role of manufacturing activities and jobs in urban economies and societies. How can planning and design contribute to this comeback? How can we mix production with other uses, such as residential, retail, services, culture, education? What legal frames do we need to change?

We will discuss these issues in a workshop organized by MIT – DUSP and PoliTO – FULL with ULI Italia. After a brief introduction by decision-makers, students from MT and PoliTO will launch the theme to panelists from different backgrounds (real estate, law, economy, architecture, planning, sociology).

Further information and registration at this website.