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February 14th, 2020 at 10am

Hybrid Factory/Hybrid City Symposium

FULL: the Future Urban Legacy Lab - Toolbox coworking - Via Agostino da Montefeltro 2, Torino

How can today’s factories co-exist with other uses in cities?

On February 14, 2020, architects and urban designers from around Europe will meet at the Future Urban Legacy Lab - Politecnico di Torino to participate in the symposium Hybrid Factory/Hybrid City.

Contributors will collectively contribute knowledge about ways to return manufacturing to cities as a hybrid and sustainable program that leads to social and economic equity. The conference’s core interests are evidenced through posing the following questions: How do we break the planning and land use patterns of segregated zoning by class and function? Why does mixed-use zoning often fail? How can the hybrid model change with new technologies, sustainable manufacturing, and advanced production systems? What can the hybrid do for the future of flexible and innovative cities? Ensuing discussions will build public awareness and renewed appreciation of the importance of mixed-use and sustainable manufacturing.

The Symposium is organized by
Politecnico - the Future Urban Legacy Lab (FULL) & Vertical Urban Factory

FULL is an interdepartmental center of the Politecnico di Torino that explores, imagines and designs the future of global and local urban legacy embodied in city form.

Vertical Urban Factory is a think tank and consultancy that works to support spaces for urban manufacturing.

Bram Arets (TRANSArchitecture), Frank Barkow (Barkow Leibinger Architects), Andrea Caputo (Andrea Caputo Architecture), Giovanna Fossa, Nicholas Gilliland (Tolila + Gilliland Atelier), Djamel Klouche (l’AUC), Dieter Leyssen (51N4E), Nina Rappaport (Vertical Urban Factory), Nicola Russi (Laboratorio Permanente), Markus Schaefer (Hoya Schaefer Architects), Lars Scharnholz (INIK), Giulia Setti, Ward Verbakel (Plusoffice Architects), and Juan Lucas Young (Sauerbruch Hutton), among others.

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