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28 September 2017 - h 12.00

Interdisciplinary life cycle data analysis within a knowledge-based system for product cost estimation

Room DIGEP B – DIGEP – Politecnico di Torino, Corso Duca degli Abruzzi, 24

DIGEP Lunch Seminar with Stefania Altavilla.

Nowadays, companies are constantly looking for new ways of gaining competitive advantage and providing additional value to customers.

In particular, the focus on post-sales and, more generally, on customer is becoming so relevant that manufacturers have to take into account not only the most obvious aspects related to product and the related services, but even they must consider the associated implications for customers during the product use.

In this sense, Product Life Cycle is still representing a critical area of investment, in particular in consideration of the new challenges and opportunities provided by big data analysis in the Industry 4.0 contexts.

Implementing a product life cycle perspective is still challenging for companies if uncertainty related to processes duration, data collection and supply chain issues are taken into account.

In this sense, during my visiting period at the Mechanical Department of the University of Bath, we studied a methodology that uses the empirical data available across phases of product’s life cycle, suggesting how qualitative and quantitative analyses can be performed to provide valuable feedback and support to product development. In particular, we focused on the effects that a data-driven methodology can have on the design of product architecture, and on how the choices on product complexity and degree of standardisation affect product life cycle cost.

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