Coronavirus infection


27 March 2020 - 17:13

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Dear Colleagues, 

As you might have learned, yesterday a new RegionalDecree (No. 34 of March 21st 2020) was issued and today a new DPCM signed by our Prime Minister has just been issued. 

Both decrees strengthen the prescriptions to hamper thespread of the COVID-19 infection in our Region and the entire Country, as far as industrial production and people mobility are concerned

As for Universities, however, the previous decrees’ provisions remain unchanged, i.e. the suspension of teaching/learning activities at our University’s premises, until 3 April, which will be replaced by remote online lectures.

As a consequence, all measures already adopted by Politecnico in the previous days are already conforming to the new provisions; it is therefore confirmed that the following premises will be open and accessible: the main campus through the Portineria located in Duca degliAbruzzi 24, the LAIBs for those who wish to hold their lectures remotely, the university canteen (through the take-away lunch box service).

At the Corso Duca Campus the minimum services necessary will be assured for any physical access to the offices of the central administration and to the LAIBs to allow their operability, to assure cleaning and sanitation, the management of maintenance and emergencies, logistics, and the functionality of systems and IT infrastructures.

Since the Regional Decree mentioned above states that "it is recommended to provide for the systematic detection of body temperature [... OMISSIS ...] for all employees, if the premises where the working activity takes place are openand accessible", all those who will access the Duca  Campus will be subject to the temperature measurement at the Portineria by the staff of our infirmary in the coming days.

In addition, the above mentioned decree establishes also that" any movements in and out of the areas referred to in this article, as well as within the same areas, are prohibited, except for those motivated by proven work needs, situations of necessity or health reasons. It is forbidden to move to houses other than the main one, including second homes used for holidays".

In this regard, today, another Decree was also issued by the Minister of Health in agreement with the Minister of the Interior which states that "In order to counteract and hamperthe spread of the COVID-19 virus, it is forbidden for all natural persons to move or move by public or private means of transport in a different city other than the one in which they are located, except for proven work needs, situations of absolute urgency or for health reasons".

Due to the above, tomorrow all the members of the technical-administrative staff who will have to travel to the main campus for work needs from cities other than Turin, will be provided a special declaration to further certify, in addition to the requested self-certification, the need to move for such needs. 

The faculty members coming from different municipalities who wish to go to the main campus to benefit from theLAIBs equipment may instead request such authorization by writing to

Finally, tomorrow a new initiative called "“Innova per l’Italia: la tecnologia, la ricerca e l’innovazione in campo control’emergenza Covid- Innova per l'Italia: technology, research and innovation on deck against the Covid emergency" will be promoted by the Ministry for Technological Innovation and Digitization: all companies, universities, public and private research institutions and centres, associations, cooperatives, consortia, foundations and institutes will have the opportunity to join the initiative by filling the specific form in which will be published on the Ministry’s website.

"Innova per l'Italia" invites all the subjects listed above tocontribute concretely through their own technologies to the field of devices for prevention, diagnostics and monitoring for the containment and contrast of the spread of Coronavirus throughout the country. The project is the result of a joint initiative of the Minister of Technological Innovation and Digitization, the Minister of Economic Development and the Minister of University and Research together with Invitalia and in support of the Extraordinary Commissioner for Coronavirus Emergency.

The information currently available can be found here.

We warmly invite you to join the initiative and send your project proposal to, in order to provide an actual contribution to this emergency by making our skills and knowledge concretely available.

We would like to thank you once again for your attention and cooperation, renewing our recommendation to respect with great care and accurately all health measures prescribed by the competent authorities and strictly adopted in Politecnico.

Best Regards


The Rector

Guido Saracco


The Director General

Ilaria Adamo

Dear colleagues,

lectures stations made available to professors for remote online teaching have been significantly used at Corso Duca campus, while very limited attendance has been observed at the Castello del Valentino, where no more than one meal per day was served.

This is a clear sign of the fact that all staff now work effectively at home, thanks to the equipment made available by our University and to the support of a limited number of colleagues who are still working in Polito’s premises,  to whom we are all very grateful.

This circumstance leads me to consider it unnecessary to maintain any surveillance service and technical assistance to the LAIB at Castello del Valentino. From Monday, March 23rd it will be possible to access the Castello from Monday to Friday only by appointment for exceptional reasons related to the capability to work at home (e.g. recovery of essential material from its offices) or for emergencies (e.g. PC reboot or server off due to changes in the network and necessary to work remotely). Mr. Antonio Costa ( ; 011 090 5027) will be available between 23-27 March to organize such accesses from one day to another.

The heating of the Castle will be completely suspended, while the electricity supply will obviously be kept active.

Professors who are used to attend the LAIB of the Castello are requested from next Monday on to attend the LAIBs located in Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, where the lunch-box service at the university canteen will be provided between 12.00 and 13.30.

Finally, I would like to point out that, while experimental research activities are in general suspended, the activities for third parties functional to production activities or the research and development activities related to the current emergency are possible, only if necessary surveillance and security service is guaranteed. This aspect will be evaluated case by case.

In this regard, a governmental call for cooperation between industry and universities for the development of national production lines of health care facilities (masks, gowns, etc.) should be imminently issued. To this end, I asked Prof. Paolo Tronville, DENERG's filtration expert, and Prof. Ada Ferri, DISAT's technical fabrics expert, to coordinate possible actions of Politecnico di Torino.

Best Regards


The Rector

Guido Saracco

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

I would like to share with you pieces of information, recommendations and some ideas on the future development of our remote-teaching system.

As you all know, we decided to build at our premises on our servers the entire virtual classroom system. Accordingly, our servers have been progressively strengthened. This has been an ambitious decision which I believe was the correct one.

Most companies are nowadays maximising remote working, and most schools and universities worldwide are starting remote teaching through external providers and this is putting a tremendous pressure on the servers of such providers, at least in a transition period.

Nevertheless, our ICT branch, which I gratefully acknowledge, after solving start-up problems on Monday the 9th and an unlucky failure event on Thursday the 12th of march, is now working hard to implement in the coming days further measures to increase the resilience of our system:

  • create a twin remote-teaching system running on cloud servers, to be operated in case our own servers go down for whatever reason;
  • make available to professors and students, in the unlikely but possible event of default of both systems, the opportunity to create a virtual classroom through easy procedures via an external provider.

These hierarchical options, alongside with the possibility of pre-recording the lessons, should provide us with enough reliability in fulfilling our primary mission: education.

In this perspective, while thanking all professors for their tremendous efforts to adapt to remote teaching, I recommend them once more to record all their lessons while they are in the virtual classroom. This is very important since not all the students, now bound to their houses by the governmental restrictions (force majeure), can attend the lessons with a sufficiently fast connection system or a convenient time zone. These students should have a second chance to attend remotely the lessons. We will organise this second remote visions in the near future.

Besides, I warmly invite our professors to decide to share their post-processed lessons with their students (we are working for a faster and faster post processing). I remind you that the copyright law doesn’t allow public use of these materials therefore I recommend students to use these video-lessons for educational and personal purposes only.  We will rigorously monitor that this happens.

Please follow carefully the lessons schedule in order to avoid overlapping, as well.

A last recommendation to professors: please render your home connection as fast as possible. Direct purchase of WiFi-routers and internet data cards are possible in this emergency period provided you previously notify your needs to

All this considered, we are working hard to expand the pedagogical features of our virtual classroom system with our vice-rector for education, Prof. Foti (, our rector’s advisor for the Teaching Lab and the related board, Prof.ssa Rossignolo (, with the fundamental help of some colleagues and the entire administration sectors IT and GESD. In particular:

  • we are working to let classes of up to 100 students remotely operate the software installed in the Laboratori Informatici di Ateneo (LAIBs), a key factor to enable them to accomplish the exercises of several courses;
  • we are setting up (instructions will be distributed in a few days) the possibility to hold design courses with a number of groups of students in parallel rooms, each one hosting a number of students interconnected so as to allow collegial work (e.g. atelier). The professors or their assistants will be enabled to enter each room to discuss with the students and provide them with consultancy.
  • with the help of our multimedia service (SELM), we are defining a format for video-documented experimental runs carried out by professors or their assistants to the benefit of their students. We could also consider to rent licenses of software for the simulation of experimental labs, if recommended by the professors.
  • we are gathering and carefully considering specific experiences and tutorials by some of our professors in order to share best practices with all our colleagues.

I warmly invite the Collegi coordinators, their advisors as well as any single professor to consider all the above possibilities for the rest of their courses. Professors Foti and Rossignolo are at your complete disposal to discuss and tailor options for your courses.

I think it is likely - and, at least, conservative - that remote teaching will last over the entire semester. For these reasons, we need to do our best to make this a fruitful and meaningful experience for our students. To these merits please let them promptly get not only the recorded lesson on their teaching portal but also any useful documentation.

Finally, we will do our best to improve further the quality and interactivity of our platform for our users (professors and students). For instance, students can now express their evaluation on the platform and provide suggestions at the end of each lesson. Many thanks for your precious contributions.

I thank you all for what you are doing: we are a lively and strong community.

Best regards,


Guido Saracco

The Rector


Dear colleagues, dear students,

The first day of massive remote teaching at the Politecnico di Torino was characterised by both highs and lows. First of all, I wish to thank you all for your patience and perseverance.

We are all working hard to reach, in the shortest time possible, an acceptable level of performance, but please do not feel disappointed or over-stressed.

We all know that this is a massive endeavor to be established in such a short period of time.

We all know we are facing an emergency, and we must keep our calm. Very soon, all students will receive their online teaching.

Today, the remote teaching started with a reasonable performance for up to 7000 students connected, for about 75 courses in parallel.

At about 10 am, an error generated in one of the servers caused a system default. Once the system was rebooted, only 1000 students could be effectively be served at around lunch time. In the early afternoon, the connected student number was back to about 5000 connected for about 91 courses in parallel, but some students still could not be served properly.

Each day, we will learn more about how to tackle the server instability problems. However, FROM TOMORROW UNTIL THE END OF THE PRESENT WEEK we kindly ask to follow the below instructions:

  1. for the courses hosting more than 150 students:
    1. The use of the available prerecorded lectures is highly recommended. They should be uploaded in the Teachers Portal (Portale della Didattica). Please ask at phone number 5050 or by mail ( for that. The students should follow these lectures on their own. One of the slots in the agenda of the normal course schedule should then be used by the lecturer to reply to the questions asked by the students via his/her email. The professor will obviously lump these questions into a few main subjects in his/her reply.
    2. Pre-recording of lectures via software like Power-point, OBS, Noteability, etc. (see the new instructions in the on-line teaching site ) is recommended as an alternative. These recorded lessons should be uploaded in the Teaching Portal (professors can upload the lessons as documents in the Teachers portal or ask for assistance at phone number 5050 or mail and then a Q&A session with students must be planned as for point 1 above.
  2. For the courses with less than 150 students:
    1. You may keep on using BBB, helping us to further improve the system. In this case, please minimise the use of your camera to the amount strictly required and clear from time to time the chat.
    2. In case you are proficient with one of these tools, you may also select a different software that does not overload our servers: e.g. Zoom, Skype, etc.
  4. Some lecturers could not read the chat, as it was hidden by their slides (PLEASE ALWAYS READ THE CHAT).
  5. Most students connected via the teaching portal, even if this was not recommended, since it may lead to server overload (PLEASE STUDENTS ACCESS THE VIRTUAL CLASSROOM VIA THE LINK YOU GET BY EMAIL THROUGH THE HTTPS://MAIL.STUDENTI.POLITO.IT SERVER AND NOT VIA THE PORTAL)
  6. Some students had their microphone or camera on, in spite of the recommendation to keep them off (PLEASE STUDENTS USE YOUR MICROPHONE AND CAMERA ONLY IF ASKED BY THE PROFESSOR, AND KEEP THEM OFF AS A STANDARD RULE).


Thank you once more for your collective efforts. All of them are essential to achieve an acceptable teaching and learning experience soon. In any case, all students will have all the teaching service they expect in due time.

Best regards


The Rector
Guido Saracco




Dear Colleagues,

the "Struttura Complessa di Igiene e Sanità Pubblica di Torino" (Turin Hygiene and Public Health structure) requested our collaboration on three cases of Covid 19 infection among staff and students enrolled at the Politecnico. All of them are in good health and are now isolated in quarantine in accordance with the regulations in force.

I would like to inform you that Politecnico expressed its total availability  to collaborate with the health structures and to provide all the information useful to correctly circumscribe the ongoing epidemiological investigation.

Should specific instructions be received, any measure proposed by the above mentioned structure will be immediately adopted and due information will be given.

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you once again, in accordance with the national and regional provisions related to the current emergency, to comply with all the precautionary procedures agreed so far to allow the containment of the contagion.


The Rector
Guido Saracco

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

as expected, the first graduation and exam sessions have been held through a remote web-based procedure.

I am really very grateful for all your efforts in adapting and conforming to this emergency online-procedure due to the current situation.

Further to yesterday's positive experience with the remote online graduation sessions held for Architecture and Territorial and Landscape Planning degree programmes, firstly, I would like to confirm to you that the Engineering graduation session will start on March 10: the sessions which were already scheduled will be held through the remote procedure, unless explicitly communicated otherwise. In any case, the achievement of the degree will be fixed on the date of the thesis defence, the same that was scheduled in the current graduation sessions’ planning.

As long as these conditions apply, the public graduation ceremonies at Politecnico’s premises will be postponed to a date to be defined.

Thanks to the work carried out by our administrative offices and the availability of many colleagues, yesterday the first online exam sessions were held, as well. In this regard, I would like to remind that written exams will have to be converted into remote oral exams in all cases when the exam outcomes/grades affect the possibility for a student to access the graduation exam or to participate in a mobility programme abroad.

Those students who have not achieved yet the 28 credits necessary for the transition to the second year will access to the second year under provisional condition, until they make-up all their first year exams in the recovery exams that will be fixed within the current extended session.

Finally, if a certificate of English language proficiency - which cannot be obtained in due time owing to the current restrictions - is required for the continuation of students’ studies, an extension will be granted for this purpose until June 13 2020.

As for lectures, we cautiously anticipate that it is very likely that, except for an unexpectedly rapid improvement in the spread of the COVID2019 virus, for the week 9-13 March the second semester classes will be exclusively held in remote teaching with no presence of students in the classrooms.

This is not only for health caution and prevention but also to avoid an additional burden of problems derived from the presence of students in the classroom will sum up to the expected troubleshooting of on line courses.

Remote lectures will be held by professors in their own offices or in any case by using a fixed network connection. In the meanwhile, at Politecnico’s premises, classrooms equipped with up to 100 lecture stations will be assembled where our technical staff will be available at all times for any assistance required.

In a short time, it is likely that our University will opt for a mixed learning/teaching mode within a transitional period: through this procedure, some students can attend lectures in classrooms and in the same time all those students who will not manage to reach Politecnico’s premises can be benefit from remote teaching/distance learning both by accessing lectures’ video-recordings and by using streaming connection to the remote lectures. In case this option will be appropriate in the future, it will be communicated in due advance.

As a rule, excluding exceptional cases that will be dealt with specifically, it will be necessary to use the Big-Blue-Button software made available on the portale della didattica of each professor and student for remote teaching.

All remote lectures will be held according to the academic calendar and timetables already scheduled so that all students can have the possibility to take part in all (remote) classes; lectures will be video-recorded and made available for all students, as well.

As far as courses for which video-recordings and/or other any teaching material useful for student academic performance are already available (to be uploaded on the students’ portal in advance), the lesson hours already scheduled can be used as support sessions delivered in streaming video and/or via chat by using the same tool. These sessions will be reported in the electronic lecture register.

The Big-Blue-Button tool can be accessed directly from the course webpage on the portale della didattica. The relevant technical instructions can be found in a section of our website, accessible at the following address in bilingual version:

In this section more and more advanced and updated instructions, recommendations and answers to your FAQ will be posted day after day.

For those who do not use power-point presentations (ppt or pdfs well supported by BBB software) but are used to teach by writing on the blackboard, tablets and/or graphic charts connected to their pc will be made available.

However, our University is currently working on an emergency procedure to co-finance any small purchases of accessories that may be necessary to improve the quality of the teaching provided. Within today, the Heads of the Departments will carry out a timely survey on these accessories, which have to be available to professors who are supposed to give lectures in the second semester. Afterwards, such details will be communicated promptly to administrative offices in charge for a fast purchase.

Do not hesitate to ask for support through your academic advisors, coordinators of your collegi or our contact persons (technicians and administrative staff). Managing this complex emergency is a priority for me, as well as for my governance team, the Director-General and the administration managing team. We are all at your disposal.

Thanking you once again for your patience and collaboration shown in this difficult situation,

Best regards

The Rector

Guido Saracco

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

A new DPCM (Prime Minister Decree of 1/3/2020 (following) on the measures to contain the effects of the Coronavirus disease (SARS-COV2-2019/2020), which is currently underway in Italy, has just been published.

In accordance with this decree, after consulting the Minister of University and Research, the President of Piedmont and all Rectors of the Piedmontese Universities, all the measures adopted concerning the suspension of all teaching activities in our University have been confirmed for the week 2-8 March. In particular, during this week, all exam and graduation sessions will be held through a remote web-based procedure, pursuant to what it is specified in the Rectoral Decree of 28/2/2020 and in the following communications.

We would like also to confirm that second semester classes will start on March 9 2020: they are very likely to be held, as far as possible, in remote teaching, even if the possibility of reschedule frontal lessons in classroom can confirmed in a short time. This is due to at least three circumstances:


  • today about 1200 students enrolled in our University are resident in the regions or provinces or municipalities listed in Annexes 1, 2 and 3 of the DCPM of 1/3/2020;


  • many foreign students, at the outbreak of the epidemic, came back to their home countries also further to the recommendations of their Embassies and in some cases they cannot, not even willingly, return to our Country due to flight restrictions;


  • many of our Italian students came back to their regions of origin and the Minister of University and Research has recommended to all the Rectors of the Universities whose teaching activities have been suspended to adapt progressively such measure within a transitional period before rescheduling all teaching activities in the University’s premises and classrooms; this has been recommended in order to avoid mass movements of students in our Country.


We would like also to inform you that through the D.D.G. (Decree of the Director -General) n. 375 of 1/3/2020 the effectiveness of the extraordinary and temporary measures, adopted through the D.D.G. n. 359 of 26/2/2020 regarding the opportunity of technical, administrative and librarian staff to apply and benefit from flexible work options has been extended until Saturday, March 7, 2020. These measures can be actually applied in accordance with Art. 4 paragraph 1 point a) of the above mentioned DPCM. Until March 7 those people who were already benefitting from the flexible work options can extend their flexible working period and in the meanwhile staff who wish to benefit from flexible work can apply for it, as well, notwithstanding the provisions included in the Regulations in force, according to the procedures described in the communication of the Director- General of 26/2/2020. In this regard, please refer to the Technical and Administrative Staff Office (, who will be available for any further information and details.


Thank you so much again for your attention and cooperation,


The Rector                                       The Director-General

Guido Saracco                                 Ilaria Adamo


Dear students,
further to the Rectoral Decree no. 217 of 28/2/2020 and considering that, owing to the current uncertain situation, the rescheduling of all teaching activities cannot be guaranteed in a short time, please find below all measures adopted in this regard:

1. written and computer lab examinations which were rescheduled from 2/3/2020 to 7/3/2020 have been cancelled. The tests will be rescheduled on a date to be defined within a specific make-up exam session. However, professors are encouraged to adopt as far as possible for a web-based remote oral test and give this opportunity to those students who wish to take their exams during next week and, if necessary, in the following ones. If the student does not agree with the just mentioned exam option, he or she will be able to take the exam through the standard procedure within the make-up exam session above;

2. the exams which were supposed to be exclusively oral will be rescheduled from 2/3/2020 to 7/3/2020 and they must be held through a web-based remote procedure as regulated in the Rectoral Decree mentioned above. Professors will inform all students enrolled in the oral exams on the new schedule and on the specific procedure through which the tests will be held; professors are encouraged to do their best to accommodate such schedule to the actual students’ availability so as to take the exam within the mentioned week or exceptionally in the week after;

3. graduands of the Engineering Area (who will be registered “under condition” for the March-April 2020 graduation session within the deadline of 3/3/2020) will be guaranteed the possibility to take all the exams through the remote web-based procedure. Students have to inform their professors on the fact that they are graduand in order to schedule the exams accordingly;

4. students taking part in international mobility projects (incoming and outgoing students) will be guaranteed the possibility to take all the exams through the web-based remote procedure;

5. students belonging to the Collegi of the Architecture, Design and Planning degree programmes, registered for the February 2020 graduation session, will be contacted directly by the Collegi for the graduation sessions’ planning;

Finally, I would like to remind you that second semester classes will start on March 9 2020.
The Rector
Guido Saracco

Dear colleagues,

Dear students,

due to the current emergency situation we are experiencing, please find following the Rectoral Decree that I issued this morning with the aim of regulating the organisation of all distance online exam and graduation sessions starting from next week.

Today, following a meeting scheduled this afternoon between the Prefect of the City of Turin and all the Rectors of the Region’s universities, I will chair a meeting at 6 p.m. with the Head of Departments, the Coordinators of the Collegi of the various degree programmes, the Director of our Specializing Master’s Programmes and Lifelong Learning School, the Director of our Doctoral School and all the student representatives of the Board of Governors, in order to define as precisely as possible the recovery mode of all exam sessions originally scheduled for days February 24-28 2020, as well as defining the beginning of the courses starting from March 9 2020.

In this regard, I would like to focus your attention on the fact that, at least as for the beginning, the possibility to benefit from and attend distance online lectures will be definitely guaranteed. With this aim, Politecnico will make available to everyone adequate IT tools and specific technical assistance.

This is due to the fact that, even though through a new ordinance the Piedmont Region and the Ministry of Health decided to allow students to access Politecnico’s premises for all teaching activities, such measure would have to be progressively adapted within a transitional period, in accordance with the specific guidelines of the Ministry of University and Research on this matter, with the aim of avoiding mass movements of students to our campuses coming back from other regions.

As it is well known, owing to the current state of emergency, some of our students may not be able to leave their home or place of residence due to precise provisions by the competent local bodies.

I would like to thank you all for your attention and collaboration.

In particular the extraordinary efforts and support of all the staff working in our University are gratefully acknowledged.


The Rector
Guido Saracco

Dear colleagues,

we wish to provide you with some updates on the measures that Politecnico di Torino adopted in order to face the state of current emergency related to the spread of Coronavirus – COVID 19.

The key figures involved in the management of the emergency in our University have promptly started to work in synergy and in close connection with our local, regional and national Authorities, and in particular in cooperation with our Minister Manfredi, with the other Universities of Piedmont Region and with the President of CRUI (Conference of Italian University Rectors).

Many actions have been undertaken in order to safeguard the health of our Politecnico community and of all those people who operate within our University, while continuing our research, technical and administrative activities with the usual commitment and professionalism.

A crisis management unit has immediately been set up, which managed the most urgent needs connected with the suspension of the teaching activities and started further initiatives in cooperation with the different mostly involved parties of our University.

The outcomes of these undertakings – that include increasing flexible work options for technical, administrative and librarian staff agreed with RSU and OO.SS. trade unions as well as enhancing distance learning opportunities. This has been pursued in close synergy with the university governance representatives who are managing all issues related to teaching activities, as well as with student representatives – are summarized here.

While thanking you for your cooperation, we do encourage you to pay attention to the prevention measures recommended by the competent authorities that we will keep publicizing on the institutional website.

With best regards


The Rector                             The Director- General

Guido Saracco                        Ilaria Adamo

In agreement with the President of the Piedmont Region, the Minister of Health has issued the ordinance "Urgent measures for the containment and management of the COVID-2019 outbreak".
The ordinance decrees the “closure of schools at all levels and the suspension of vocational courses (including work placements), masters, university courses at all levels and senior citizens’ university, with the exception of specialization courses in medicine and surgery, and e-learning courses”.
Therefore, all lessons, exams, graduation sessions and all teaching activities are suspended at all Politecnico sites from Monday 24 February to Sunday 1 March, both included, unless otherwise specified.
All exams and activities will be rescheduled. Students’ academic records will not be affected in any way by the present suspension.
The following information and instructions are valid from Monday 24 February to Sunday 1 March, subject to possible subsequent updates:

1. Access to Politecnico
Politecnico will remain accessible, and all research, administrative and technical units and libraries will be open.
All situations that may involve the presence of considerable numbers of people will be limited as much as possible. Therefore, all public and private events will be suspended and access will not be allowed to classrooms, study rooms and consultation rooms including those in libraries, and student canteens.

2. Office of Student Services and Office of the University Registrar
In consideration of the suspension of teaching activities and in order to limit mobility towards Politecnico and access to potentially crowded places,the ticketing system should be used for any issues regarding the effects of the suspension and for all administrative processes. Students are therefore requested to limit physical access to the offices to situations of genuine urgency.

3. Student advisory services
On-site student advisory services are suspended and can take place online (e.g. via email, Skype, etc.)

4. Field trips
All national and international field trips are suspended.

5. PhD students, research grant recipients, research fellows, extracurricular interns
Learning activities are suspended. Research at departments, as well as extracurricular internships, can take place normally.

6. Curricular trainees and part-time collaborators
Curricular placements and part-time collaborations being conducted at Politecnico di Torino sites are suspended. For those being carried out at other institutions and offices, please refer to the decisions taken by them and to the instructions provided by the Authorities.

7. Public job selection procedures
All procedures already scheduled are suspended.

8. Libraries
Only the lending service will be active.

9. Events, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.
All events of any kind, in public or private places, both indoors and outdoors, of cultural, scientific and training nature are suspended.

10. Staff canteen and bar
The staff canteen and the Victoria bar at the main site in corso Duca degli Abruzzi and the bars at the Architettura and Mirafiori sites will be open as normal.

11. Policino nursery
Kindergarten activities are suspended.

Dear colleagues,

As you have probably heard, some cases of Coronavirus infection also emerged in Piemonte. The dynamics of this virus’transmission requires responsibility, great attention and appropriate measures. For these reasons,by conforming to the defined measures of maximum precaution and caution and further to the recent consultations with the regional and city authorities, as well as with the Rectors of the Piedmontese universities, Politecnico di Torino has decided to suspend all the teaching activities including lessons and exam/graduation sessions in all Politecnico’s campuses from Monday 24 February until Sunday 1 March, unless otherwise specified. The exam recovery mode, as well as any other related details, will be communicated on the Polito web page, but I do guarantee from now on that every measure will be taken to minimize any inconvenience caused by the deferment of exam and graduation sessions, laboratory exercises and any other teaching activities and that everyone will be guaranteed the possibility to recover with adequate time and modalities.

In general, I do recommend to follow with great care the provisions that the regional crisis unit ( has issued and will issue on the basis of the spread of the contagion.

For all information on the measures to be taken, please refer to the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health (
Our University is in close contact with the crisis unit and the Ministries in charge and will update the measures currently in force on the basis of the evolution of the situation.

The Rector
Prof. Guido Saracco