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Deadline 5 September 2018

Exploring the Smart Sustainability and Package area

The challenge will be to develop a working prototype in emerging areas regarding smart packages and intelligent sustainability. There, students will be presented the relevant topics of the challenge.

On 11th September at CLIK (Contamination Lab & Innovation Kitchen) the activities and the methods of realization will be presented.

The Hackathon activities will take place on 2nd and 3rd October at CLIK (Contamination Lab & Innovation Kitchen). By that date, it is required the team constitution and technology choice to be already performed.

Applications will be accepted either from groups of students or singular applications received until September 5th, 00:00 CEST.

The application, to be sent via mail at the address via student’s address, shall contain at least:
· Applicant’s CV (send it for each of the team members);
· Name, surname, student id, enrolled courses of every applicants;

At the end of the Hackathon activities, the Jury will evaluate the concepts; those with a good degree of creativity and innovation will grant the maker teams the possibility to come in the CLIK laboratory.

The academic referee for the project is professor Massimo Violante.

Activities are planned in collaboration with professor Paolo Tamborrini, scientific referee of “Osservatorio EcoPack del Politecnico di Torino” -