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4-5 March 2019 - at 9.00 am



Presentation: 4 - 5 March and DemoDay: 11 June

According to the FAO, by 2050 the world population will reach over 9 billion. To be able to feed everyone, we will have to produce 70% more food. In the face of increasingly scarce resources, extreme weather conditions, increasing population and the reduction of arable land, the agricultural sector faces a significant challenge: improve the quality, quantity and environmental and economic sustainability of agricultural production by combining the centuries-old experience of farmers and breeders with the information obtained only with advanced technologies. The solution is Smart Agriculture, the set of applications that help farmers to monitor, manage and optimize their activities more effectively, exploiting only the resources actually needed.

Open to master student of the Politecnico di Torino on Mechatronics, Electronics, Computer Science, Environmental and Land or any other scientific subject with an innovative idea about a new process or application to solve this problem. An opportunity to discover new points of view.

This activity will entitle students to obtain 6 credits.

For any question: and on the institutional email.