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Deadline apply 6 December 2019

Call for interest Ph.D candidates

Aula Formazione, Via Boggio

What? An interdisciplinary course linking science and management on special focus on innovation and sustainability for PhDs of PoliTO. The PhDs of PoliTO will follow the first part of the PhD course “Entrepreneurship and start-up creation from University Research”.

Then, the PhDs of PoliTO will collaborate with MBA fellows of CDI in Turin and Geneva at CERN. The PhDs of PoliTO will work in teams towards a unique project aimed at facing global challenges launched by international companies.
More info: YOUTUBE - PoliTo Research Channel

Who? PhD students from PoliTO
Where? In Torino & in Geneva at CERN
When? From January 2020 to June 2020
Credits See PhD course Entrepreneurship and start-up creation from University Research – 40 hours
Direct Application: Send CV & a brief resume about your main research topic (max. 10 lines) to (only pdf documents)

DEADLINE APPLY: 6th December 2019
INTERVIEWS: 9th – 13th December 2019
FINAL DECISION: 20th December 2019