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19th July 2017, h 1.00 pm

Workshop on Processing of Genomic Information: From Standards to Deployment

Sala dei Mappamondi, Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6, Torino

The WS intends to explore the opportunities for improved health services offered by the availability in late 2018 of an ISO standard on compression of genomic information and its impact on the relevant industry.

Specifically the workshop will address:
· the potential of genomic information usage in public health
· the IT challenges for the widespread usage of genomic data in public health
· public policy on big data economy and genomics
· a status report on the development of the ISO genomic compression standard
· how the investors community can help progress the standard to deployment
· how the appropriate usage of genomic data drives efficient drug development
· how the genomic data processing industries can benefit from the standard
· how health services can be affected by the massive application of genome processing

The workshop is open to the public interested in contributing to the massive use of genomics for better public health.
Registration is free of charge.

To register (only for logistic purposes), please send an email to Claudio Alberti (

Organizing Committee:
Ruggero De Maria (IIGM), Diego Gibellino (TIM), Claudio Alberti (EPFL), Tom Paridaens (imec and UGent).

With the contribution of Compagnia di San Paolo