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Rector's communication about the professors’ strike

Dear student,

on June 27 2017 a professors’ strike was announced. The strike may imply a professors’ abstention from the participation in the exam sittings in the period from August 28 to October 31 2017. In this regard, the Italian Commission for Strike Guarantee (Commissione di garanzia dell’attuazione della legge sullo sciopero nei servizi pubblici essenziali), during the meeting taking place on August 28 2017, in agreement with the social partners involved, took cognizance of its legitimacy, in accordance with the Italian Law n.146/1990, as subsequently amended and supplemented.

The strike announcement letter is available via the link here below:
On the basis of the Commission’s recommendations, in order to ensure a timely communication of the strike’s details (in particular concerning the main university services), please find below a list of all useful information related to the fall exam period (sessione):

· Students planning to take exams during the fall exam period (sessione) must register for the exam sittings (appelli) as usual through the online procedure available on each student personal page. Professors’ participation in the strike and abstention from exams may be checked only the day in which the exam sitting (appello) is to be held.
· If professors decide to go on strike, an extraordinary exam sitting (appello) will be guaranteed starting from the 14th day after the date of the strike, as only one exam sitting is set during the fall exam period (sessione). Students will be informed about the date of the extraordinary exam sitting approximately within the next 48 hours after the strike.
· Politecnico di Torino will take all necessary measurements to avoid that the extraordinary exam sitting might compromise students from graduating in the fall session, taking into consideration the idea to set a possible additional graduation period, as well. Therefore, students who are supposed to graduate (Bachelor’s and Master’s Level) in the next graduation period are required to meet all deadlines included in the Student’s Guide, even if exam sittings are postponed due to the strike.

The Rector
Marco Gilli