July 8th 2014

Narus and Politecnico di Torino announce new Cyber Innovation Center

Narus, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing [NYSE:BA] and leader in big data analytics for cybersecurity solutions, and the Politecnico di Torino today announced a new Cyber Innovation Center. Located on the prestigious engineering university’s campus, the new center will focus on advanced cybersecurity research projects and prototyping of technologies that help identify and resolve cyber threats. Leveraging the expertise of local talent, the new center will also foster advanced science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education while generating new technologies that will be integrated into Narus products.

A workshop to consolidate the new collaboration was held on 24 March. The event featured a demonstration of recent innovations in cybersecurity by Narus, speakers from the Politecnico di Torino, Narus and Boeing, and opportunities to meet some of the leading minds in the cybersecurity industry.

“We’re always looking for new industry partnerships that help our group of talented researchers to be on the cutting edge of technology,” said Marco Gilli, rector at the Polytechnic University of Turin. “The new Cyber Innovation Center located at our university provides us the opportunity to share our knowledge and be at the forefront of developing technologies, combating the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.”

The Cyber Innovation Center underscores Narus’ commitment to Europe and provides job opportunities for talented researchers in the Turin area. The center will serve not only as a resource for the cybersecurity industry, but also as a forum for government and private industry to ask questions and share ideas on making cyberspace safer.

“Narus has a long history innovating in the area of cybersecurity through its fellows program, which has included leading global universities like the Politecnico di Torino for five years. These partnerships have resulted in a number of joint patents and technologies that are incorporated into Narus products,” said John Trobough, president, Narus. “Expanding the program by funding research effort in Europe opens up a large pool of talented people here as we enhance collaboration between nations on both sides of the Atlantic.”

About Narus Fellows

Narus established the Narus Fellows Program to partner with universities to tackle the toughest cyber challenges through collaborative research on advanced machine learning algorithms, networking and big data analytics. Through the Narus Fellows Program, Narus collaborates with more than 50 renowned universities worldwide, producing a variety of patents, technical papers and leadership in a variety of technical committees. Narus has partnerships with universities including the University of Michigan, Texas A&M, the University of Santa Barbara and the Polytechnic University of Turin in Italy.

About Narus, Inc.

Narus, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA), is a pioneer in cybersecurity data analytics. The company's patented advanced analytics help enterprises, carriers and government customers proactively identify and accelerate the resolution of cyber threats. Using incisive intelligence culled from visual interactive and underlying data analytics, Narus nSystem identifies, predicts and characterizes the most advanced security threats, giving executives the visibility and context they need to make the right security decisions, right now, by letting them know what’s happening, why, and what to do about it. And because Narus solutions are scalable and deployable to any network configuration or business process, Narus boosts return on investment from customers’ existing IT investments. Narus is a U.S.-based company, incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif. (U.S.A.), with regional offices around the world.

About Politecnico di Torino

Politecnico di Torino is known both in Italy and abroad as a leading institution to study engineering and architecture. Politecnico di Torino combines tradition with innovation to make its campus a stimulating environment for close relationships to businesses. The "Cittadella Politecnica" is the new campus area where research, teaching and training go hand in hand with local and student services as well as financial and cultural activities. It also houses the Business Research Center, where various international companies have established their most advanced research centers, and the Polo Venture Capital, which provides real opportunities for developing research. Politecnico di Torino is therefore a true research university, where education and research combine to meet the real needs of the local area and economy and most importantly those of the students.

Published on: 08/07/2014