3 december 2015

MoMoWo International Photography Competition

Project sponsored by E.U. Creative Europe that aims to share women's contribution to the design professions.
From a pan-european and interdisciplinary perspective, MoMoWo considers women work within architecture, industrial and interior design professions of cultural and social relevance for contemporaneity. The project aims to share significant European cultural heritage forged by women working within the design professions.
The MoMoWo network brings together seven institutions from six different countries (Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Slovenia and the Netherlands): five university departments, a research and a documentation center.

Women’s creativity since the Modern Movement International Photographic Competition is a blind contest, which seeks to promote the MoMoWo mission. The reportage focus on the woman designer’s own houses creative features and how they reverberate on everyday life.
This competition provides photographers with the opportunity to actively participate in a MoMoWo European Project and to acquire international experience, once the winners’ work will be showcased for one year, in five different countries, at exhibitions that will take place both in the public and virtual space.

The 10 finalists works will be showcased at MoMoWo’s Traveling Exhibition and will be published on the Travelling Exhibition Catalogue (5 photos for each submission);
Both jury (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) and audience winner works will be showcased at MoMoWo’s Traveling Exhibition and all the photos included in their submissions will be published on the Travelling Exhibition Catalogue;
All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

submissions momowo.ipc@gmail.com
further enquiries momowo@iade.pt

Published on: 03/12/2015