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7 May 2019

Workshop "Focus on Open Science"

Rettorato Aula CLAB - via Po 17, 10124 Torino

Science describes the current transition in how research is undertaken, how the outputs are stored and disseminated, how researchers collaborate, how success is measured and how researchers are rewarded for Open approaches. Open Science has the potential to transform the research landscape. What is the role of academic libraries in supporting this transition? Is there indeed a role for libraries at all? What are the current views and agendas in various European countries? How do we differentiate regionally and nationally?

Aim of the workshop is to address the challenges posed by Open Science, using the 8 pillars of Open Science identified by the European Commission in its Open Science Policy Platform

The workshop is organised by Scientific Knowledge Services in collaboration with Università di Torino e Politecnico di Torino

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