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18 December 2017 at 5.30 pm

Combine science, big data and data visualization: the CityChrone project

Maxwell Room 5th Floor DET - Corso Castelfidardo, 42/a

The guest - Indaco Biazzo from Politecnico di Torino - will present a quantitative study on public transport in urban systems.

Abstract: The scientific production in the Big Data domain uses, usually, a huge amount of data to make quantitative studies on arguments that few decades ago it was not even possible to imagine.

Often these studies uses new and very complicated theoretical and computational tools involving many different fields of research.

The interdisciplinary nature of the big data domain probably require to rethink the way the researchers produce and share their results.

The Citychrone project, a quantitative study on public transport in urban systems, was born also as an attempt to explore new ways and means of production and diffusion of scientific results.

The project is visible at

In attachment a flyer of the event.