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18 April 2018 at 3.30 pm

Graphene and 2D materials - opportunities and challenges in wearable systems

Room DE, Laboratory of Energy - Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24

Speaker Prof. Azzellino from Organic and Nanostructured Electronics Lab - Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Graphene and two-dimensional materials have attracted tremendous attention in the last decade due to their fascinating electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties.

However, being deployed in form of flakes, with μm size, makes almost impossible any efforts in developing electronics devices on industrial scale. Successfully integrating this class of materials in standard CMOS-like processes is the key to build up real devices and relies on the synthesis of high-quality films.

LPCVD (Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition) has been recently adopted to produce high quality 2D-film on large area, with potential impact on a wide range of applications in large area electronics, such as transparent conducting and flexible films suitable for photovoltaics and display industry.

Given the versatility and bio-compatibility of such materials, we are interested in studying and developing a new class of electronics, based on the integration of multiple devices on the same substrate in order to build up complex systems at the large area and target applications in the IoT, bioelectronics and wearable systems.