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20 September 2018 at 12.00 am

Industry 4.0. Digital manufacturing framework for control industrial systems


Speaker : Ikrom Kambarov

The advanced technologies that are promoting the “Industry 4.0” paradigm can boost manufacturing execution systems of Uzbek enterprises. However, despite the wide thematic coverage and depth of elaboration of several technologies of future manufacturing by European and American scientists, the “Industry 4.0” paradigm is not fully formed in Uzbek manufacturing yet. Some technology advances like additive manufacturing, and autonomous robots have been implemented, as well as ICT solutions for simulation and systems integration have been adopted into Uzbek manufacturing facilities.

Nonetheless, a systematic approach towards “Industry 4.0” has not been developed and additional research is necessary to support a comprehensive adoption of this paradigm to the Uzbek cultural background. In particular, the definition of requirements for implementation, the development methods and models for implementing smart production are necessary.

Thus, the aim of this research is to investigate on the framework of “Industry 4.0” to extend the value, with concern industrial and economic policy of the country through a system approach. The framework will support decision-making during the planning and implementation of “Industry 4.0” technologies. This framework includes definitions of “Industry 4.0”, suggestions for when to design, metrics, system characteristics and design principles of “Industry 4.0”.