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10 December 2018 at 10.00 am

Attribute-based encryption and signatures

Buzano room 3rd floor - DISMA

Preface:Attribute-based encryption (ABE) exceeds the limits of conventional public key cryptography, where messages are encrypted for a specific recipient (using his public key) and can be later decrypted only by the legitimate recipient (who owns the corresponding private key). With ABE, instead, a message is encrypted using a common public key along with a chosen formula over a set of attributes (such as nationality, age, work position) and can be decrypted only by users owning private keys with embedded attributes that satisfy the formula. Alternatively, chosen attributes can be used in encryption and formulas embedded in private keys.

Talk abstract: Main concepts and properties. Ciphertext-policy and key-policy schemes. Examples. Practical aspects. Attribute-based signatures. Applications.

Short biography: Jovan Golic has been doing research in cryptology and information security for about three decades, both with academic institutions and industry. He has contributed to the areas of stream ciphers and pseudorandom number generators including new cryptanalytic methods and design principles, true random number generation in hardware, secure hardware implementations of cryptographic algorithms, format- and syntax-preserving encryption methods, biometric authentication, statistical anomaly detection and intrusion detection, authentication in ad hoc networks, security in information-centric networks, secret key sharing and key agreement protocols, embedded USIM protocols, privacy-preserving user profiling, and privacy and data protection in 5G networks including attribute-based encryption and signatures.

He has published more than a hundred papers in prestigious international journals and book series and more than a dozen patents or patent applications. He is a Senior Technical Leader at the Security Lab of Telecom Italia Information Technology. From July 2013 until Dec. 2016, Jovan Golic was the Action Line Leader for Privacy, Security & Trust of the EIT Digital (ex EIT ICT Labs). Since May 2017, he has been the lead of the Security Competence Team of the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance.

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