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6 February 2019 at 1.00 pm

Hydraulics: a science with a long history and a great future. Examples in geomorphology, biology and technology

DIATI Meeting Room - Door 3, 1st floor

Prof. Luca Ridolfi­ moderates the discussion

Over the centuries, the understanding of the dynamics of water flows and the resulting innovations in hydraulic engineering have contributed to important economical and social advances.
Nowadays, powerful experimental, numerical, analytical, and survey tools are used to dig deeper in the understanding of the hydraulic mechanisms occurring in a vast spectrum of technological, biological, and environmental processes.
The comprehension of the fundamental hydraulic mechanisms leads to novel perspectives about the control, management and optimization of the related processes.
In this talk, the focus is on three research topics in which such major advances are being achieved.
Firstly, the use of water-induced stresses aimed at inactivating microorganisms in water will be shown. Secondly, an overview of the complex interactions occurring in the fluvial environment between sediments, vegetation and stream flow stochasticity will be given.
Finally, some examples of relevant hydraulic issues affecting water distribution systems will be illustrated.

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