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19 February 2019 at 11.00 am

Highlights of twenty years of research in mechanics

Room 7 - ground floor

In this talk Prof. Gioia will outline the outcome of research on three themes in the mechanics of solids and fluids: “bistable material systems'' and encompasses phenomena such as the buckling of thin elastic films, the deformation of elastic celular materials, and the compaction of cohesive granular aggregates.

The second theme, ``dense granular flow,'' concerns phenomena such as stratification, diffusion, segregation, and crater-ray formation in flowing granular systems.

The third and last theme, ``the spectral link in turbulence,'' is named after a simple model whereby turbulent phenomena such as the frictional drag and the mean-velocity profile, which are discussed in any undergraduate textbook on fluid dynamics but remain poorly understood, can be linked to, and explained as macroscopic manifestations of, the classical turbulent-eddy velocity distribution of Kolmogorov.

The talk dwells on the physical phenomena (as evinced in experiments) and on salient theoretical concepts (excluding technicalities); it is meant for general engineering students who might be interested in research.

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Prof. Luca Ridolfi, Politecnico di Torino – DIATI,