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20 March 2019 at 10.00 am

Kinetic assessment of automated traffic flow via control methods

20 marzo 2019 - ore 10:00 - Aula Buzano DISMA (terzo piano)

In recent times the challenge of vehicular automation has posed new and exciting questions about traffic management and governance, which in turn boosted broad developments in the technology for intelligent intersections, driver-assist and self-driving vehicles. One of the main goals of such innovation is the enhancement of driver safety through the mitigation of road risk factors.

In this talk, Dr Zanella will present recent results for kinetic-controlled hydrodynamics. In particular, a hierarchical description of controlled multiagent systems will be developed, by means of kinetic-type strategies with applications to traffic dynamics. Feedback controls are designed at the level of agent-to-agent interactions and then upscaled to the global flow via a kinetic approach based on the Boltzmann equation. These models generally lead to highly nonstandard steady states that can be computed through suitable asymptotic procedures.

During the talk, the passage to hydrodynamic equations for constrained kinetic models of collective behaviour will be discussed, taking into account several closure methods. As a result, the number of conserved quantities of the system essentially depends both on the constrained binary model and on the adopted closure strategy. Suitable numerical methods are thus necessary to capture the introduced hierarchy in the fluid regime. The introduced kinetic-type description will highlight a feasible bottom-up role played by the automated vehicles in the control of the traffic stream.