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3 April 2019 at 1.00 pm

Pedestrian Safety Research: Introduction to macroscopic approach and Safety-in-Numbers

Diati meeting room door 3

With Jaeyoung Lee - Assistant Professor at the University of Central Florida

Prof. Marco Bassani moderates the discussion

Walking has been encouraged not only because they are economically and environmentally sustainable; but also they can improve public health. At the same time, traffic injuries and fatalities involving pedestrians have been a serious public health problem.

This presentation has the following main topics:

  • a macroscopic approach to explore pedestrian safety
  • safety-in-numbers effects for pedestrians
The macroscopic safety analysis focuses not only on roadway design and traffic characteristics; but also on various factors including but not limited to socio-demographic and climate features.

The safety-in-numbers effect is a phenomenon that the probability of crash involvements per pedestrian would be decreased if the number of pedestrian increases. Although a number of previous studies have confirmed the safety-in-numbers effect for pedestrians the effect might not exist in areas with extremely low walking activities.

These two interesting topics related to pedestrian safety will be discussed in the presentation