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16 April 2019 at 5.30pm

PitchD – the PhD’s pitch

Maxwell Room, 5th floor DET Department

A series of seminars in which PhD students will present their research work, mainly from a scientific point of view, but also giving a glimpse of their experience so far. The aim is to present to a broad audience the research carried out in our university, stimulating exchange of ideas and presenting also to Master's degree students the latest development is many research field.

Participation is open to all PoliTo students, PhD candidates, researchers and professors.
This week there will be the following presentations:

Measuring human movement using magneto-inertial sensors: is it possible to assess our motor ability outside the clinic?
Mr. Marco Caruso
Dept. of Electronics (DET), Politecnico di Torino

Navigating a Ph.D. - Squeezing the last drop of information from the Global Navigation Satellite Systems
Mr. Alex Minetto
Dept. of Electronics (DET), Politecnico di Torino