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16 April 2019 at 10.00 am

Autonomous optimization for real-time power system operation

Buzano Room - DISMA

Today’s paradigm for the real-time control of power systems is inadequate to ensure efficient integration of fluctuating renewable sources and to guarantee safe operations of such critical infrastructure. Therefore, we propose a novel unified control approach to the real-time operation of power systems. By formalising relevant ancillary services as an optimisation problem on the manifold of the grid steady states, we can employ a feedback scheme to steer the power system towards safe and efficient working points that satisfy the grid operational constraints, without requiring exogenous set-points (hence the name "autonomous optimisation"). In this seminar, Dr Bolognani will illustrate how the stability of the interconnection between power grid dynamics and the optimisation scheme can be guaranteed via an ad-hoc singular perturbation analysis. The resulting guarantees apply to general autonomous optimisation problems. Preliminary simulations show how the proposed approach can be used to provide essential services like secondary frequency control, economic re-dispatch, voltage regulation, and line congestion control.