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2 May 2019 at 3.30 pm

Dynamic interactions and stability issues in electronic power distribution systems

Maxwell Room, 5th floor DET Department

Presenter: Dr. Paolo Mattavelli - Università di Padova, IEEE Fellow, IEEE PELS Distinguished Lecturer

The increasing number of renewable energy sources and energy storage devices connected to the grid has the potential to progressively increase the network performance in terms of efficiency, stability and demand response, while allowing full exploitation of any kind of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs).
For this purpose the electronic power processors (EPPs) interfacing the power sources or storage elements with the distribution grid must be driven properly, controlling their active and reactive currents and harmonic distortion so as to improve power sharing, voltage stability and distribution losses.
This lecture is aimed to give the fundamental knowledge of stability of electronic power processors used in Distributed Energy Resources in future microgrids, focusing in the interaction and stability of AC and DC microgrid using the impedance-based approach.