Categoria: Seminari e Convegni
Stato: Corrente
21 maggio 2019 - 14:30–17.30


Room 13 - Politecnico di Torino Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24

Today, the Eurasian community faces serious challenges related to the formation of innovative infrastructure, favourable conditions for the implementation of transit potential, the development of international transport corridors. These challenges are particularly important in large-scale projects of Eurasian integration. The idea of "One Belt One Road" is to create the necessary infrastructure and establish relationships between the countries of Eurasia. The economic corridor connecting the Asia-Pacific region in the East with the developed European countries in the West is impossible without Russia's participation. The development of Russia's transit potential will ensure the integration into the global transport system. Within the framework of Eurasian integration "One Belt One Road", in the context of growing transportations volume, the development of transport infrastructure is of particular importance for all countries. Strategic opportunities and place of Russia in the project, the concept of "dry port" as an element of transport and logistics infrastructure for the modern transport system, and the prospects for the development of such facilities in international significance are discussed in the presentation.

Within the subject “Transport systems and outdoors Logistics” (prof. B. Dalla Chiara, DIATI)