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17 June 2019 at 5.00 pm

Leading Digital Cultural Heritage: Turning technology into business transformation in the age of digital reproduction

Stanza della Caccia - Castello del Valentino, viale Mattioli 39

The cultural heritage sector is undergoing a process of digitization and “datification” that opens to endless possibilities of disentangling “property” and “proximity” from the physical materiality of cultural artifacts, thus offering new ways of creating social and economic value that go far beyond the traditional boundaries of the cultural sector.

Within this frame, while digital technologies offer new possibilities and are described as potentially revealing and generative of new scientific knowledge for museums, the fast and inertial changes in digital-connected environments clash with the “non-digital” legacy of structures, values, beliefs, cultures, roles, processes, and skills that characterize established organizations and underpin the entire innovation process. Understanding these factors is particularly important to tackle (and to lead) digital transformation, given the strong interdependence between the organizational contexts, digital technologies and the structure of industrial sectors.

The seminar will discuss how museums should look at their unique physical artifacts and skill sets to combine different innovation regimes and take advantages from the digitization process to both explore new digital opportunities and exploit the legacy ones. Drawing on a rich dataset of hand-collected data around the digital transformation of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the novel organizational dynamics triggered by digital technologies will be discussed and managerial implications for research and innovation will be outlined.


17:10 Leading Digital Transformation: What is new if anything? – Gianvito Lanzolla (CASS Business School. London, UK)
17:50 When digital meets culture: The co-evolutionary dynamics in the Van Gogh Museum – Danilo Pesce (Politecnico di Torino – DIGEP)
18:15 Archeologia Invisibile: exhibiting tangible and intangible materialities – Enrico Ferraris (Museo Egizio)