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17 February 2017, h 3 pm

Characterization and applications of tensile stressed nanomechanical resonators

Sala Didattica DISAT, first corridor, first floor, Politecnico di Torino

‚ÄčThe seminar is in the framework of the Call for Joint Projects for the Internationalization of Research 2016: “Multiphysical complex dynamics at the nanoscale”.

Tensile stressed micro and nanomechanical resonators are an interesting class of resonators as they can provide high quality factors, up to several millions, and the option for tuning the frequency via the tensile stress. Due to their unique properties tensile stressed resonators are interesting as filters, sensor and time keeping devices. Silicon nitride resonators are the best known and most studies tensile resonators, and they will be the main topic of this talk. Their thermal responsivity and the utilization of it, for photothermal spectroscopy of nanoparticles, will be covered. In the end of the talk the focus will shift towards the emerging field of 2D material based mechanical resonators and their utilization for sensing applications.

Speaker: Tom Larsen, post-doc in the "Advanced NEMS group” at EPFL ( ).