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6 May 2017, h 9.30 am

Education and practice – The future architect

Casa dell'architettura - Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47 - Roma, Italy

Joint ACE-EAAE Symposium in coordination with CNAPPC
ACE General Assembly 1/17 - SPECIAL SESSION

The special session of the ACE General Assembly 1/17 will take place all day on the 6th May 2017 and will be dedicated to the relationship of architectural education and the practise of architecture.

How do we educate our young professionals and for what do we prepare them? If the very nature of architectural practice is rapidly changing, how should adapt to the new reality? What is the future of profession and what can contemporary practising architects and educators do to influence the future development of the discipline? What does ever-expanding globalisation mean for the relevance, resilience, responsibility and role of architects? Distinguished and renowned speakers from the world of academia and the profession will be invited to share their views on the ways we teach and practice architecture today, as well as suggest paths to take us to the future.

The Department od Architecture and Design - DAD (PoliTo) will open the first panel with the speech of Matteo Robiglio "Is there a Global Education?"