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24 maggio 2017, ore 13.00

Software Heritage: Archiving the Software Commons for Fun and Social Benefit

Centro di Ricerca Nexa, Politecnico di Torino, Via Boggio 65/a, Torino

The Software Commons is the vast body of human knowledge embedded in software source code, that is publicly available and can be freely altered and reused. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) constitutes the bulk of it. Sadly we seem to be at increasing risk of losing this precious heritage built by the FOSS community over the paste decades: code hosting sites shut down when their popularity decreases, tapes of ancient versions of our toolchain (bit-)rot in basements, etc.
The ambitious goal of the Software Heritage project is to contribute to address this risk, by collecting, preserving, and sharing *all* publicly available software in source code form. Together with its complete development history, as captured by state-ofthe
art version control systems.
Although still in Beta, Software Heritage has already archived more than 3 billion unique source code files and 700 million unique commits, spanning more than 50 million software development projects from major code hosting sites, distributions,
and upstream software collections.

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