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Deadline for submission for peer review: 1 March 2020

Complex Vaulted Systems: Geometry and Architecture from Design to Construction

The study of vaulted systems involves the search of the relationships between Geometry and Architecture in the process from design to construction, dealing with shapes, materials, and ornamentations. The theme of this special issue encompasses complex vaulted systems over the centuries.

Topics of interest include:

  • Modeling of historical sources about vaults’ geometry and architecture;
  • Morphologic comparative studies of geometrically-shaped vaults;
  • Analysis of geometric tracing, stereotomy, centering, and calculus methods in built heritage;
  • Investigation of the relationships between geometry and structure in historicized vaulted systems.

Guidelines for manuscript preparation can be found on the NNJ website

Submission does not guarantee publication; all submissions will be peer‐reviewed before being considered for
publication. Reviews of appropriate books and exhibits are also welcome.
 Deadline for submissions for peer review: 1 March 2020
 Notification of reviewer comments: 15 April 2020
 Deadline for submission of final revised manuscript: 1 October 2020

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