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Deadline for abstracts: 22 September 2017

RA/ICA 2017 - International Conference On Awareness: Awareness In Education, Science, Arts And Philisophy

Krakow / POLAND

The main aim of the conference is to create an academic platform within the framework of the concept of awareness. The conference is open to all issues that can be associated with the concept of awareness and is open to multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary studies. This framework will include high-quality theoretical and practical papers.

The languages of the conference will be English and Turkish.

Publication: Full texts of the papers to be presented at the Conference will be published as an electronic book with an editorial and ISBN. The papers of the authors who desire will be published free of charge after the referee process is completed in the Rating Academy Journals in the international indexed journal status.

Deadline for abstracts: 22 September 2017
Abstracts submission is already open at


We invite all academicians, researchers, artists, teachers, CSO’s and students who are interested in the theme to our conferences.