Corporate Image

The corporate image is the identity of the University: it includes both form and content, which contribute to the credibility of its visual communication, designed through a holistic organization.

Throughout its 150 years of history, the image of the Politecnico has interpreted changes, by redesigning and redefining itself around its logotype, brand, colors, and institutional fonts. Dynamic and contemporary elements have been introduced, while preserving its formal and institutional excellence.

The Corporate Image Unit coordinates and supervises all design activities related to possible applications of the Politecnico Image (publications, stands, building, means of transportation, merchandising, the Web). 

Brand and visual identity

Use of the logo and visual identity manual

Patronage requests

Free patronage from the Politecnico di Torino

Presentations and publications

Institutional communication material


Line of goods with the Politecnico brand


Mounting, stand and exhibition corners