History of the brand

The seal of the Politecnico di Torino, created in 1952, has over the years undergone a series of graphic restyling  processes, which have preserved its essential components, thus maintaining all symbolic elements that have a clear meaning, in line with the history and traditions of the University. 

L'evoluzione del Marchio dal 1952

  • The Politecnico di Torino: title of the Institution underlined by a crown of pearls.
  • 1859: the year the Scuola di Applicazione degli Ingegneri (SchoolofApplied Engineering) was founded.
  • 1906: the year the Politecnico was founded, when the Scuola di Applicazione degli Ingegneri and the Museo Industriale (IndustrialMuseum) merged.
  •  TheCastleofValentino: it has always housed the Scuola di Applicazione degli Ingegneri.
  • The helmeted head of Minerva: also imprinted on the eight gold medals which, since its establishment, the Politecnico has awarded - at various times - to its most deserving teachers and those who strove the most for the benefit of our School.
  • The coat of arms of the City ofTurin: flanked by the symbols of Architecture and the Sciences.
  • The symbol for Architecture: is taken from one of the dominant decorations in the stucco friezes from the halls at the Castle.
  • The symbol for the Sciences: represented by the lit torch with the arrows, recalls the forces of nature subjugated by technical sciences.
  • The branches of laurel and oak separate the head of Minerva from the symbol below, which appear in the official seal of the Republic of Italy, also serve to recall the educational and scientific role of the Politecnico which, awards degrees to its students upon completion of their studies.