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16th September 2020, 10-12 a.m. CET ONLINE

Converting waste CO2 to High-value Chemicals and Fuels: the ICO2CHEM Project. ICO2CHEM Webinar #1

Can we turn waste CO2 into a useful product? The ICO2CHEM project aims at establishing a pathway to convert waste CO2 into valuable chemicals and fuels. A series of free webinars is going to be released starting from September 2020 to illustrate the main project advances and the science and technology behind ICO2CHEM.

ICO2CHEM focuses on a new production concept where industrial streams of waste CO2 are converted into value-added chemicals and fuels – a circular economy application that will contribute to the decarbonization of the chemical industry. The technological core of the project is the coupling of a Reverse Water Gas Shift reactor (RWGS) with an innovative modular (FT) Fischer-Tropsch reactor inside a transportable container. The process synthesises raw materials that are ready to replace their fossil-based counterparts.

The project partners are VTT from Finland, INERATEC, Infraserv Höchst, ALTANA, and Provadis Hochschule from Germany, and Politecnico di Torino from Italy.

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