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January 28th, 2020 at 12.45pm

Assessment and selection of quality-inspection strategies for low-volume productions

Room DIGEP B - corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24

The design of appropriate and successful quality-inspection strategies plays an important role within manufacturing organizations. It is one of the leverage factors to ensure customers the expected level of product quality. A distinction between in-process and offl ine inspections may be also considered during the inspection design process.

In-process inspections are performed during the manufacturing processes, whereas in offl ine inspections the finished products are inspected after the manufacturing process is completed. In the case of low-volume productions, the design of quality inspections, either in-process or offl ine, may be problematic due to the scarcity of historical data available and the inadequacy of traditional statistical approaches.
In the present research seminar, two different approaches aimed at supporting inspection designers in the choice of the best compromise between effectiveness and affordability of alternative inspection strategies for low-volume productions are presented, separately for in-process and offl ine inspections.

The proposed methods consist in the formulation of a probabilistic model for the prediction of defects and the definition of two performance indicators that outline the overall effectiveness and affordability of an in-process/offl in e inspection strategy. Finally, some case study concerning the implementation of the method to real low-volume productions in the field of assembly and additive manufacturing processes are provided.

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A light lunch will be offered to all participants at the end of the seminar