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CAN URBAN RESILIENCE BE REDEEMED? Theories, models and tactics in and for contemporary cities

Digital and face-to-face course

Keynote Speakers
Sara Meerow |Arizona State University, School of Geographical Science & Urban Planning
Roberto Rocco | TU Delft, Department of Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment
Stefano Cozzolino | Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development, Department of Spatial Planning and Urban Design
Nicola Tollin |University of Southern Denmark, Civil and Architectural Engineering
Convenor Ombretta Caldarice | Politecnico di Torino, R3C, DIST

Rationality of the Course
What is resilience? From a physical perspective, it implies the capacity of a system to absorb disturbance and reorganize while undergoing change to still retain essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks. But as a planner dealing with space interested in transformative potentials, resilience has something additional to and yet distinct from ‘reworking’ and ‘resistance’. Resilience captures the ability of an urban system to maintain or rapidly return to desired functions in the face of a disturbance, to adapt to change, and to quickly transform systems that limit the current or the future adaptive capacity. The Ph.D. Excellence Course “Can Urban Resilience be Redeemed?” uses this interrogation as a point of departure, and it aims at revisiting the concept of urban resilience along the lines of critical consideration questioning if it is a useful paradigm which allows us to think in new ways about planning theory.