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4 May 2021 - 11,30 am ONLINE

Waiting of SIDISA 2021: Circular bioeconomy

With the help of the Scientific Committee we organized five webinars with five international experts concerning topics of full interest for SIDISA 2021 participants.
Attendance will be free of charge for already registered participants to SIDISA 2021. Non registered subscribers will be charged a registration fee.

4 May | h. 11.30
Associate Professor at Karlstads University, Sweden. Lecturer in Environmental and Energy Systems.

While “renewable” is the keyword in a bioeconomy and resource conservation is the motivation behind a circular economy, a circular bioeconomy is one in which waste streams from renewable bio-resources are looped back into the technosphere – openloop or closed-loop recycling or conversion from matter to energy. This systematic review brings together 385 publications from 2015-2021, 50 countries and 150 journals, into a coherent account of the status quo of published research on circular bioeconomy. The circular bioeconomy can be visualised as a set of “many through many to many” relationships, enabling both economies of scale and scope in the longer run. This calls for extensive collaboration and cooperation among the numerous stakeholders in the fray. Several barriers will have to be overcome. Technology impact assessments and sustainability risk appraisals need to be carried out in order to ensure and convince stakeholders that they are on the right path. But as one knows and will appreciate, challenges lurk where there exist opportunities to be availed of, to replace the takemake-use-dispose paradigm of a linear economy to the growmake-use-restore alternative.

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