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15 - 16 June 2021 ONLINE

An overview on space debris protection best practice

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Space debris represent a real threat to the Earth orbit access and utilization. In the development and management of a space mission, it is important to focus on evaluating impact risk, the protection of spacecraft from debris impact, and the modelling of impact-induced fragmentation.
This webinar will focus on the current status and the most promising advancements in this field, introducing the best practices suggested by the scientific community and focusing on specific case studies. Attendees will learn about recent advances in catastrophic fragmentation modelling due to hypervelocity impact, impact risk assessment, spacecraft protection.

Target audience: doctoral students, non-academic professionals, and undergraduate students.

Speaker: Lorenzo Olivieri is a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Space Studies CISAS G. Colombo of the University of Padova. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering in 2011, and he received a PhD in Measures for Space from the University of Padova in 2015. His research interests include small satellites technologies, docking systems and capturing strategies, and debris protection and removal. During his career, he worked in the international teams of the ReDSHIFT and E.T.PACK projects in the framework of the European H2020 program. His research activity is currently funded by the Italian Space Agency in the framework of the ASI-INAF contract N. 2020-6-HH.0 “Supporto alle attività IADC e SST 2019-2021”. He is the author of 59 international conference articles and ten papers published in peer-reviewed journals.

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