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18 June 2021 - 2,30 pm ONLINE

IOTA and the TANGLE - Guglielmo Morgari

On Zoom platform

Seminar of De Cifris Augustae Taurinorum, in collaboration with the Department of Mathematical Sciences "G.L. Lagrange" of Politecnico di Torino, the Department of Mathematics "G. Peano" of the University of Turin, Quadrans Foundation and Telsy SPA.

You will be able to follow the seminar live through Zoom, at the following link. The seminar will be held in Italian.
In case you have any problems following the seminar live, we remind you that all seminars can be viewed retrospectively on the CrypTO YouTube channel.

Abstract: IOTA is an original distributed ledger implementation. Unlike the more well-known blockchains, IOTA is designed specifically for the IoT world. IOTA is in fact based on an innovative structure (TANGLE) designed for applications characterized by a high number of transactions by devices with limited computing capacity, not suitable for traditional blockchains. The talk will give an overview of the main aspects of the TANGLE and its possible evolutions.