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16 June 2021 - 5,00 pm ONLINE

Who maps what? Pros and cons of a worldwide community of mappers

On Zoom Platform

Seminar cycle «DISTant Talks: PhDs behind the scenes» organized by Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Development

Allegra Eusebio, Politecnico di Torino


  • Marco Minghini, Scientific Project Officer at Joint Research Centre B6 Digital Economy, European Commission
  • Selene Yang, PhD Candidate, Universidad Nacional de la Plata (Argentina) – Co-founder of Geochicas

Among the most famous projects of volunteered geographic information there is OpenStreetMap, which provides information and data about city and territory, mapped directly by the people who live those cities and territories. We will try to understand who are the people joining the OpenStreetMap community and how the composition of such community can bias the information mapped. Furthermore, we will discuss the growing importance of the OSM project, questioning pros and cons of such popularity.

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The event will be held in english.