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22 June 2021 - 2,30 pm ONLINE

Coppersmith's method: solutions to modular polynomials - Tea Boon Chian

On Zoom platform

Seminar of the series "Cryptograph​: from theory to applications", in collaboration with Telsy SPA, a company of the TIM group specialized in cybersecurity.

You will be able to follow the seminar live through Zoom, at the following link. The seminar will be held in english.
In case you have any problems following the seminar live, we remind you that all seminars can be viewed retrospectively on the CrypTO YouTube channel.

Abstract: The Coppersmith’s method was introduced by Don Coppersmith in 1996, aiming to search “small” root(s) to polynomial equations. This heuristic method is vastly utilized in cryptography, especially in analysing the RSA-type cryptosystems, as well as lattice-based and multivariate cryptography. Although elegant, the Coppersmith’s method can be confusing to those who just started to learn it, particularly in constructing a basis lattice which enables one to use the LLL-reduction subsequently to find root(s) to polynomial equations. In this sharing session, the Coppersmith’s method is reviewed and discussed. The focus is primarily to demonstrate step-by-step with the aid of some examples on how to implement the method to construct a basis lattice for a given polynomial function. The session firstly considers the case of univariate polynomial, and next extended to bivariate/multivariate cases if time permits. Some applications related to the Coppersmith’s method are briefly outlined to conclude the sharing session.