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14 October 2021 at 5,30 pm ONLINE

MIMO Technology for 5G and Beyond

On Microsoft Teams

The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineering and Telecommunications of the National Research Council (CNR-IEIIT) organizes every two weeks a series of seminars called "Thursday seminars" addressed with the support of prominent speakers in the fields of scientific, academic and industrial research, characterizing the Institute itself, with a transversal vision and an eye to the evolution of application domains and technological fields.

The next seminar will take place online on 14 October 2021 at 5,30 pm using the Microsoft Teams platform and will have Prof. Luca Sanguinetti (Università di Pisa) as speaker with the following contribution: "MIMO Technology for 5G and Beyond"

Over the past decade, Massive MIMO has gone from being a wild multi-antenna concept for improving the data rates in future cellular networks to mainstream technology. Massive MIMO is a core technology in 5G or, at least, this is what operators and manufacturers are claiming. But how close to the theoretical predictions will the 5G Massive MIMO technology actually perform? In this talk, we will first answer this question and thereby reveal the main weaknesses of the MIMO technology in 5G. We will then take a look at potential technology evolutions that might address these weaknesses in beyond 5G networks. Among the different technologies, a promising one is represented by Cell-free Massive MIMO. The talk will will identify the fundamental limits that call for a shift towards the cell-free paradigm, and will explain the benefits of the user-centric cell-free operation compared to conventional cellular operation.

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