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27 October 2021 at 4,00 pm ONLINE

DISTFest - Learning in action: between urban research and social responsibility in and beyond the pandemic

L'evento fa parte del Ciclo di incontri DISTFest nell'ambito del Progetto di Eccellenza del DIST 2018-2022.

Welcome and moderators:
Martina Bocci, Erica Mangione, Lorenzo Mauloni, Richard Lee Peragine, Federica Rotondo
PhD Candidates, Politecnico di Torino

Margherita Grazioli
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Urban Studies at the Social Sciences Unit, GSSI
Carlotta Caciagli
Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sociology at the department of Urban Studies, Polytechnic of Milan

Online Event
For live streaming register at the following link.
More information at the following page.