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28 October 2021 - 5,30 pm ONLINE

Quantum Sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond

On Microsoft Teams

The Institute of Electronics and Information Engineering and Telecommunications of the National Research Council (CNR-IEIIT) organizes every two weeks a series of seminars called "Thursday seminars" addressed with the support of prominent speakers in the fields of scientific, academic and industrial research, characterizing the Institute itself, with a transversal vision and an eye to the evolution of application domains and technological fields.

The next seminar will take place online on 28 October 2021 at 5,30 pm using the Microsoft Teams platform and will have Dr. Ettore Bernardi (INRIM) as speaker with the following contribution: “Quantum Sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy centers in diamond”

In the last few years a fruitful line of research of INRIM Quantum Optics group has been the study, in close collaboration with the university of Torino, of the application of Nitrogen-Vacancy centres in diamond in experiments related to single-photon metrology and quantum enhanced measurements.
I will present our group's activity on Quantum Sensing with Nitrogen-Vacancy (NV) color center in diamond. The NV spin quantum state is very sensitive to environmental variables as applied magnetic field and temperature. The NV spin quantum state can be controlled using a microwave electromagnetic field, initialised and read out optically, collecting its photoluminescence. The NV center also has the advantages that it can operate as a sensor at room temperature and that its host material, the diamond, is biocompatible.
I will clarify what is meant by the words ""Quantum Sensing"".
I will introduce the continuous wave protocol and pulsed wave protocol for Quantum Sensing with NV center. Both these protocols are based on the fact that the NV center's resonance frequency is very sensitive to temperature and applied magnetic fields. In the continuous wave protocol, an oscillating microwave electromagnetic field of very long duration, compared to the NV center's Rabi Frequency, induce the resonance condition. In the pulsed wave protocol, short microwave pulses of duration of the order of half of the Rabi Period of the NV center drive the NV center. These pulses' effect is very sensitive to the difference between the pulse carrier frequency and the resonance frequency of the NV center.
I will present an innovative experimental scheme for temperature measurements that allowed us to improve the temperature sensitivity of a factor three compared to standard conditions, with the advantage of decoupling the effect of electromagnetic noise. I will also present some recent preliminary results of quantum sensing in biological systems.

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