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8 and 15 June 2022 at 9,00 am ONLINE

Societal Impact Pathways & Writing Grant Proposals

The growing attention to societal impact in funding calls has proven to be a challenge. To increase the chances of receiving funding, it is important to understand, define and demonstrate the societal impact of the research projects. The webinar aims at supporting researchers in developing this competence, with particular reference to the programme Horizon Europe, covering in particular the following issues:

  • how to understand and define societal impact of science;
  • possible impact pathways to external stakeholders;
  • what does the current context of the Science Funding landscape look like?
  • social impact in Horizon Europe;
  • quantitative and qualitative indicators of impact and how they’re evaluated in grant proposals;
  • how to include societal impact in grant proposals.

The webinar is held by Mrs. Anika Duut van Goor, director of the Association Network for Advancing & Evaluating the Societal Impact of Science - AESIS and two consultants, Mrs. Antonia Caro Gonzalez (International Research Project Office at the University of Deusto, University of Deusto, Spain) and Mrs. Mariëlle Feenstra (Nehem B.V.). Their bios are in the attached document.

Wednesday 8th June
10.00 Words of Welcome
10.05 Introductions & Understanding Societal Impact Anika Duut van Goor (Aesis)
- What is ‘societal impact’? Overview of definitions
11.00-11.20 Break
11.20 Understanding Possible Impact Pathways to External Stakeholders Anika Duut van Goor (Aesis)
- Finding and demonstrating the impact of your project
12.00-12.15pm Break
12.15-12.40pm Interactive exercise Anika Duut van Goor (Aesis)
12.40am-01.35pm Lunch break
01.25pm Mapping the Science Funding LandscapeAntonia Caro Gonzalez (University of Deusto)
02.25-02.45pm – Break
02.45pm Interactive exerciseAntonia Caro Gonzalez (University of Deusto)
03.15pmEnd of Day 1

Wednesday 15th June
09.50-10.00 Words of Welcome
10.00 Diving into the new Horizon Europe programme impact sectionsAntonia Caro Gonzalez (University of Deusto)
- How is impact assessed in Horizon Europe programme?
10.45-11.05 Break
11.05 Quantitative and Qualitative indicators of impactAntonia Caro Gonzalez (University of Deusto)
and Anika Duut van Goor (Aesis)
- Examining quantitative and qualitative indicators of impact
- Concrete examples of impact proposal projects and indicators
11.50-12.10pm Break
12.10pm Including societal impact in Grant proposals Mariëlle Feenstra (Nehem B.V.)
- How to approach funding and grant proposals taking into consideration the indicators
- Tips & tricks
12.55-01.40pm Lunch break
01.40pm Exercise: Applying learnings to own research
02.40-03.00pm Break
03.00pm Feedback on the exercise and final questions
03.30pm End of the course

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