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1 June 2022 at 5,00 pm ONLINE

Housing needs, densification and suburban areas: questions and perspectives

On Zoom platform

The urgent need for housing in cities like London will be met through building on brownfield sites. In suburban residential areas though, where there is a lower density and higher percentage of homeownership, a Not in my back yard response to change is common practice. When seeking to lessen resistance to new development, design is often portraited as a primary tool in order to shape residents’ attitudes towards new developments. Design is though only one element affecting human perception within a complex intersection of rational resource concerns, economic interests and more subjective elements including belonging. In this DISTant Talk we will discuss what is likely to affect residences' attitudes towards densification.


  • Nancy Holman (London School of Economics and Political Science)
  • Alessandra Mossa
  • Federica Rotondo
DISTant Talks, season 2, is curated by DIST PhD students:
Allegra Eusebio, Karl Benjamin Kraehmer, Lorenzo Mauloni, Alessandra Mossa, Richard Lee Peragine, Caterina Pozzobon, Sofia Beatriz Rivera Garcia, Federica Rotondo, Saanchi Saxena, Elia Silvestro, Agostino Strina.

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