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1 July 2022 at 9,30 am

Eco-innovation and sustainability: the role of start-ups

Sala Agorà, I3P headquarter, Campus Politecnico di Torino, Castelfidardo 30/a

The 2nd level specializing Master in Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation solutions and I3P of Politecnico present an event dedicated to the creation and development of promising start-ups that provide innovative solutions to deal with the severe climatic crisis, both in terms of adaptation and mitigation.
After providing a general overview on how to establish a successful start-up, the seminar will explore the work of three specific companies.

  • Aquaseek, which patented the Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG), a game-changing technology that uses atmosphere as a pure water source.
  • Through its smart meter, Midori gives users data on the consumption of their home appliances, increasing awareness on energy usage and providing accurate tips to reduce energy wastes.
  • NGV Powertrain, which manufactures power systems fuelled with natural gas, biomethane, dual fuel, hydrogen and hybrid-electric to achieve the goal of zero impact emissions.
Following the start-up presentations, will host a roundtable and foster an active discussion with the audience.

The event will be held in English and will take place in Sala Agorà, I3P headquarter. Participation is free, registration is required through the following form.